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in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

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The joy of work

At Copus Group, we aim to spread the joy of work. Only when employment makes sense, people will thrive. We strive for the perfect match between happy talents and grateful employers. Simply because enthusiasm is contagious.

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Specialized in staffing

Our strength lies within the proximity and warm relationships that we create with our customers and local candidates. We build the bridge between dreams and opportunities.

Expert Leagues

Copus Group is a community of HR experts, operating under different brands. We inspire and unburden companies in HR matters, whilst giving people a positive perspective on work.

Social responsibility of Copus Group

Social responsibility
of Copus Group

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Copus group values

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Copus Group provides us with new insights that are helping us expanding our driving school.

- Peter Bas,
Segers Rijschool

Copus has extensive experience in building businesses. They challenge us in a healthy way and engage in discussions about the future and the choices to make.

- Arjan de Graaf,

Copus Group gave us the trust and had a big believe in our plans and mission.

- Véronique Beunnens,
CareForce One

Thanks to Copus Group I have been able to realise my ambition and reach the next level as an entrepreneur by starting my own brand.

- Ine Hendrix,
- Andy Vanderheyden,
Smart Solutions

Copus Group serves as a strong foundation rooted in shared core values and aspirations.

- Mitch Trappers,

The fact that we are surrounded by experts and that we are given the necessary autonomy is the perfect recipe to evolve towards mutual success.

- Wendy Rubini,
Heads & Hunters

The sharing of knowledge and experience is key in our partnership with Copus Group.  Reinventing the wheel is therefore not necessary and risks can be avoided.

- Michael van der Burg,

Being a part of Copus Group allows you to remain entrepreneur on the one hand and benefit from a strong market position as a specialized HR service provider on the other hand.

- Bénédicte Baucy,

Copus unleash your potential through trust and enthusiasm.

- Ricardo Corominas,
Primus Personal

We merged with Copus Group in 2017 because we were looking for a financially strong partner with whom we could expand.

- Mirce Filiposki and Kathrin Zarrin,
SPP Direkt