Who we are

Copus Group goes back to 1991 when Vivaldis was founded.  This network of staffing agencies grew significantly thanks to its personal and warm approach and its proactive and supportive leadership.

Copus Group is run by a high-performing group of passionate entrepreneurs, who combine knowledge of mature enterprises with greenfield start-ups to provide the best of both worlds.  Copus Group is owned by two private equity partners (Buysse & Partners and Dovesco) as well as the Management Team, lead by Anke Ulens, and the original founders of Vivaldis.  We are a family of like-minded professionals who share knowledge and work together in a warm and dynamic atmosphere.


This network of more than 78 staffing agencies is locally rooted across Belgium.  Each agency gets extensive autonomy to match companies and talents.  Promising professionals are placed in small and medium enterprises where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.  Vivaldis is currently evolving towards a specialized niche approach.


SPP Direkt

With 14 staffing agencies spread over Germany, SPP Direkt applies innovative temping concepts and supports employees continuously over longer periods of time.  SPP Direkt positions itself as a partner for employers and delivers staffing solutions tailored to their needs.


Heads & Hunters

Heads & Hunters delivers professionals with purpose in sales and marketing.  This staffing agency meets companies’ objectives by uncovering talents’ aspirations, skills and personalities.  By matching talented individuals and companies it builds lasting and profitable relationships for all. headsandhunters.be


Stratt+ is specialized in realizing projects within the industry and for the government. Whether it concerns short assignments, long-term projects or technical jobs with the prospect of permanent employment: we match clients with the right technical professionals.

With approximately 45 years of experience, we have built up the necessary expertise in finding technical experts from the mid- and higher segments, for construction projects, maintenance, and shutdowns, throughout the Netherlands.



Engineering is your profession. Recruitment is our passion.

ENITEQ is not just your average recruitment partner for Engineers and technical professionals.

It’s war in the onboarding arena, with Engineering companies battling it out to find the best men and women for the job. But – with just one out of ten hires being the right decision, companies are at a loss as how to find the ‘dream employee’ who shares their values and possesses indispensable skills.

ENITEQ specializes in sourcing prime technical talent that better positions business for success.

With years of experience in technical recruitment, ENITEQ’s team focuses on finding the most technically skilled and motivated professional.

We find local sourcing solutions for your global technical challenges.


Smart Solutions

Ever since its company creation in 2012, Smart Solutions has proven that their no-nonsense approach could lead to exponential growth. The ‘Trends Gazelle’ award in 2018 and 2019 is both a recognition and a confirmation of the achievements of a great team.

Through our different business units (Industry, Finance, Engineering, HR and ICT) and with the help of an extremely motivated team we contribute to your business’ success by outsourcing the market’s most talented professionals.


Primus Personal

Primus focuses on the northwest of Germany. The company is operating across 11 offices that focus on specialised workers. In addition, Primus Personal also has considerable experience in the recruitment of specialised profiles in Eastern Europe for the healthcare sector, for example.



Antwerp-based Bennet Engineering was founded in 2017, as a spin-off from Dixon
Company, and has since grown into a successful scale-up focusing on
specialised profiles for the process industry. Today, Bennet operates from
an office in Antwerp and a satellite office in Ghent.

As a technical firm, we offer expertise in the field of maintenance, engineering, and projects in the process industry.

The Bennet Engineering’s clients are active in various sectors, from the chemical
industry, through the pharmaceutical sector to food and beverage.


CareForce One

CareForce One is a team of experienced Human Resources specialists with in-depth knowledge of the Life Sciences and Healthcare environment.  

Every day, professionals in Life Sciences and healthcare give their utmost in order to improve patients’ quality of life, either directly or indirectly. They are not practising a profession, but rather following a vocation. One that we support wholeheartedly and with great admiration.  How better to do this than in an environment that allows them to fully develop their talent and determination? 

This is why we want to be by their side to give wings to their future.

As a co-pilot, we accompany them in this search.  Together, we help them identify their professional endeavour, the ideal flight speed and direction.  Thus, there’s no shortage of inspiration and talent!