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Smart Solutions @ Copus group

Smart Solutions

Ever since its company creation in 2012, Smart Solutions has proven that their no-nonsense approach could lead to exponential growth. The ‘Trends Gazelle’ award in 2018 and 2019 is both a recognition and a confirmation of the achievements of a great team.

Through our different business units (Industry, Finance, Engineering, HR and ICT) and with the help of an extremely motivated team we contribute to your business’ success by outsourcing the market’s most talented professionals.

Besides the fact that we are sharing the same values with Copus Group, this partnership allowed us to reinforce our market position and strengthen our organisation.

Motivation to start with the company

The labour market needed flexibility combined with knowledge. We wanted to add more value to temporary employment. Projectsourcing was the answer. Offering immediately available resources and knowledge, without prior investments.


Bigger goal

We live and operate by the 3 P’s:

  • People
  • Projects
  • Profit

By giving our employees a taste of different assignments, they can learn and develop more and faster.  Always matching their knowledge, listening to their needs and with continuous training.
The employee thereby creates an advantage over the labour market that cannot be underestimated.
Their backpack of experiences is filled faster.
In this way, we also offer an answer to the demand from the labour market for more flexibility and work-life balance.


What is the upside of being part of Copus Group?

Copus Group came to the right place at the right time for Smart Solutions. Our organisation had grown very fast in nine years and I was the sole shareholder.
We needed a broader spectrum, new challenges, with more structure to take the next step.
The entry of Copus Group has made our organisation stronger in breadth.
This gives us the opportunity to be active abroad, for example, to set up new niches faster, etc.


Advice to (young) entrepreneurs

A preliminary plan is never 100% finished.
So just start rather than wait until you think you have the perfect plan.
Gradually, that plan is adjusted dozens of times anyway.
The goal, on the other hand, remains intact.

Surround yourself with the right people.
Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and put egos aside.

Just do.

Frederick Verhelst

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Copus Group | Smart Solutions
Ever since its company creation in 2012, Smart Solutions has proven that their no-nonsense approach could lead to exponential growth.
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