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We are Copus Group

Copus Group goes back to 1991 when Vivaldis was founded. This network of staffing agencies grew significantly thanks to its personal and warm approach and its proactive and supportive leadership.

Copus Group is run by a high-performing group of passionate entrepreneurs, who combine knowledge of mature enterprises with greenfield start-ups to provide the best of both worlds. Copus Group is owned by two private equity partners (Buysse & Partners and Dovesco) as well as the Management Team, lead by CEO Dieter Stuye. We are a family of like-minded professionals who share knowledge and work together in a warm and dynamic atmosphere.

People are at the center of everything we do.

Copus is cooperation

The power of Copus Group is cooperation. Co-opus, or working together, it’s so strong that we even put it in our name. We create space for initiative and entrepreneurship. This ownership generates a solution-focused and results-oriented approach. Together, believing in each other, we can get things done.

We share our management experience in the field of staffing. If your HR or staffing company works along the same values, we would love to discuss how we can join forces.

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Copus Group
Expert Leagues

Our expert leagues have a high level of skill and expertise in their domain.  The mission of these expert leagues is to partner clients in their endeavour to staff their business with the most skilled, competent, appropriately qualified and/or trained personnel available. Candidates/colleagues who will not only add value to their business, but who will also enhance and contribute to the culture in which they serve. 

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